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Our Co-op Program is highly regarded both inside and out of ADTRAN.  We help develop some of the world’s finest engineers.  ADTRAN looks for students who strive for academic excellence, exhibit a true passion for their work and interests, and who can work well with teams to achieve department and company goals with a great attitude and work ethic.

We believe in the “whole package” and utilize the different strengths our co-ops bring to the company.  Our co-ops commit three semesters to ADTRAN, alternating work and school. The program is designed so that work compliments school and vice versa.  Students also get exposure to different parts of the company, helping them to narrow their focus. Many of our experienced engineers were one-time ADTRAN co-ops and it’s our goal to continue in this tradition that has become a crucial part of ADTRAN.

ADTRAN provides multiple opportunities for training, education, certifications, and real-time work experience. Co-ops work alongside professional engineers and staff on projects that are relevant to the company. These students are exposed to the latest technology and make key contributions. Our vast growth results in a continual need for qualified college graduates, many of whom are recruited directly from our Co-op Program.

Learn more about the Co-op Program:

If you would like to begin the application process or want more information, contact your university’s Co-op Office or Human Resources.

Majors recruited: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and occasionally Mechanical and Optical Engineering

Minimum GPA requirement: 3.4