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Case Studies

Education and Libraries
ADTRAN Helps to Keep Thomas College on the Forefront of Innovation and Sustainability
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
ADTRAN's Virtual Wireless LAN Solution Supplies Campuswide Connectivity to North Cobb Christian School
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
ADTRAN Wi-Fi Connects Galloway Township Public Schools to Cloud-Based Learning Tools
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Aubrey Independent School District: Providing Next Generation Technology to Students
(featured product: NetVanta Gigabit Switches with ActivChassis)
Calhoun County Schools Outsources Wi-Fi with ADTRAN's ProCloud
(featured product: ProCloud)
Comprehensive Insitutute of Verdellino-Zingonia delivers multimedia interactive learning with ADTRAN's Gigabit Wi-Fi
(featured products: Bluesocket 2030, vWLAN, NetVanta 1531P)
Dickson Public Schools Scales Wi-Fi and Connected Learning with ADTRAN
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Edward Waters College's Transition to eBook Learning for Millennial Students
(featured product: ProCloud Wi-Fi)
Hamilton Heights School Corporation Deploys 1:1 Program
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN, NetVanta 1234/1238)
North Idaho College Leverages Virtualization to Scale Their Wireless LAN
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Ranger College Advances Digital Learning Environment with ADTRAN
(featured product: ProCloud Plus)
St. John's Prep Embraces the Cloud with Bluesocket's Virtual Wireless LAN Solution
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Telesystem Partners with ADTRAN to Connect Students and Gamers at The Lofts at Gateway
(featured products: Bluesocket Access Points, NetVanta)
Wi-Fi to Skyrocket Wireless Capabilities: Madison County School System Leverages ProCloud for 20,000 Students
(featured product: ProCloud Wi-Fi)
Woodward Academy combine tradition and innovative learning with vWLAN
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Gigabit Communities
Blue Valley Tele-Communications Improves Quality of Life and Economic Growth in Rural Kansas
(featured solution: FTTH)
Canby Telcom Deploys First Gigabit Community in Pacific Northwest
(featured solution: FTTH)
Comporium Brings High Tech Jobs to Rock Hill, South Carolina with Innovative Zipstream Service
(featured solution: FTTH)
Jackson Energy Authority Enables Innovation with Network Upgrade to Deliver Gigabit Services
(featured solution: FTTH)
Northwest Indiana Telephone Company Delivers Greener Broadband Pastures to Rural Communities with ADTRAN
(featured solution: FTTH)
Pelican Bay Deploys Innovative Business Model to Ensure High-reliability and High-performance Residential Broadband
(featured solution: FTTH)
Sycamore Telephone Company Expands Customer Market with ADTRAN FTTH
(featured solution: FTTH)
ADTRAN's vWLAN Supplies Complete Connectivity to the Municipality of Opera
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Town of Westford Goes Wireless with ADTRAN
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
ADTRAN Gives Reliable Wi-Fi to Les Jardins Lebourgneuf Caregivers and Residents
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
NetVanta 7100 Connects Remote Locations and Eliminates Third-Party Vendor Calls
(featured product: NetVanta 7100)
Canadian Resort saves Thousands of Dollars and Improves Voice Quality with ActivReach
(featured products: NetVanta 1535P with ActivReach)
Caribbean Resort Achieves New Horizons with ProCloud Wi-Fi
(featured product: ProCloud Wi-Fi)
Denver Center for Performing Arts Improves Theater Going Experience with Bluesocket vWLAN
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Placé Bonaventure Conference Center Turns to ADTRAN's ActivReach to Restore its Historic Network
(featured product: ActivReach)
vWLAN Provides Wi-Fi Coverage Across the Sochi Winter Olympics
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
NetVanta 7100 Provides Increased Customer Service and Efficiency for Trav-Ad Signs & Electric, Inc.
(featured product: NetVanta 7100)
Avatar Insurance Increases Productivity and Saves Money by Implementing NetVanta 7100
(featured product: NetVanta 7100)
Network: Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier Selects Bluesocket vWLAN
(featured products: Bluesocket vWLAN; NetVanta 1234P/1238P
Scott Robinson Automotive Group Accelerates Wireless Network Management with ADTRAN
(featured products: Bluesocket vWLAN; NetVanta 1534P/1638P
Virtual Wireless LAN Solution Adds to the Fun at Starlite Family Fun Centers
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Bluesocket vWLAN Delivers Constant W-Fi Connectivity to Thousands of EICC Visitors | International version
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)
Premises-based VoIP System Brings New Level of Communication to Monte Vista Presbyterian Church
(featured product: NetVanta 7100)
vWLAN Solution Replaces Ruckus Wireless to Eliminate Wi-Fi Complexity for PRTC
(featured product: Bluesocket vWLAN)

Press Contact
Ashley Baster
Connect2 Communications for ADTRAN


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