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vWLAN Certifications

The virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN) Certification includes training on ADTRAN's family of high performance Bluesocket Access Points (APs) which are a perfect fit for enterprises who are deploying secure wireless networks. Each certification is valid for three years.

ADTRAN Certification Training options include:
ILT: Traditional Instructor-led
OLT: Online Self-Paced
SSK: Self-Study
VILT: Virtual Classroom

We offer four levels of certifications:
ASP: ADTRAN Sales Professional
ATSA: ADTRAN Technical Solutions Associate
ATSP: ADTRAN Technical Solutions Professional
ATSE: ADTRAN Technical Solutions Expert

Online Self-Paced Training

Sales | ASP/vWLAN

Online Self-Paced Training

Associate | ATSA/vWLAN

For sales people who are interested in learning how to qualify sales opportunities for ADTRAN's vWLAN solutions. This training will teach students product application, key features and the benefits that differentiate them from the competition.

Course type: Online
Exam: Online
Renewal: 3 years

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This foundation level certification is for technical staff responsible for designing and implementing ADTRAN's vWLAN products. This training provides a solid understanding of basic data, internetworking and wireless concepts.

Course type: Online
Exam: Online
Renewal: 3 years

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Traditional Instructor-led Training Virtual Classroom Training Self-Study Training

Professional | ATSP/vWLAN

Traditional Instructor-led Training

Expert | ATSE/vWLAN

For technical staff who are responsible for designing, implementing and supporting ADTRAN solutions using ADTRAN's vWLAN products.

Prerequisite: ATSA/vWLAN
Course type:
Exam: Online
Renewal: 3 years
For technical staff who will be designing, implementing, and supporting complex solutions using ADTRAN's Bluesocket vWLAN products. Upon completion, students will have a deeper understanding how to support, manage and maintain the industry's first cloud-based virtualized management and control solution for wireless LANs.

Prerequisite: ATSP/vWLAN
Course type: Instructor-led
Exam: Online
Renewal: 3 years

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Training Contact Information

Phone: 888-423-8726
Fax: 256-963-6700

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